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Thinking green is the future. Creating a sustainable earth is important to every person today regardless of whether they admit it or not. To help the planet, companies and informed individuals are adapting to the green way of life.

To preserve the environment surrounding its natural resources, green thinking practices need to be followed. Companies such as MAIA Estates have been making a conscious effort to respect the environment and become a part of the bio-diversity that surrounds their real estate projects.

We all know that 30% of the earth’s surface is land and the remaining is water. However only a minimal quantity of this water is drinkable and mostly comes from fresh water sources like lakes, rivers and our underground water tables. Rapid urban growth and rise in population has led to an evident water crisis. MAIA has identified the seriousness of this issue and insists on rain harvesting practices at all their projects.  Harvesting rainwater is not just about maximum utilization of a freely available resource but also about minimizing the impact of urban development on our natural surroundings.

On the periphery of their award-winning project – Pelican Grove overlooking the Jakkur Lake – they planted ~800 saplings at the lake which today can be witnessed in full bloom. Furthermore, they have tried to bring nature indoors with live plants in all public areas. These not only add to the décor, but these living organisms interact with your body and mind in ways that enhance the quality of life. Even the plants around the marketing office at site are nourished using ground coffee beans instead of manure as an eco-friendly sustainable solution.

While the idea of reducing one’s waste can be overwhelming, MAIA believes a great place to start is within the comfort of your own home and thus have inculcated a few steps across all its projects. Change begins from within and these are just some of the environmentally friendly actions undertaken to make a substantial impact to reduce our environmental footprint.


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